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God's Love Matters

Providing an Open Door

"Well done, good and faithful servant."

We all have at least one talent. The problem is that most of us spend our time wondering why we don't have as many talents as other people we know and admire. When we do this, we forget to use the amazing talent(s) God gave us. God does NOT care how many talents we have, instead he cares about what we choose to do with them. Jesus tells the Parable of Talents in Matthew 25: 14-30. During "biblical" times, a talent is actually a huge amount of money. The parable is great because it relates monetary wealth with real talents/skills.

In the parable, there are three servants and two of them are proactive while the third decides to sit on his talent and not use it. In verses 21 and 23, Jesus says the same thing about the two servants who used their talents, His master said to him, 'Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.'

What is crazy about this is that it is easy to connect with the the servant who received just one talent. We can credit the servants who received five and two talents by justifying their ability to take a risk one talent at a time and hope that their investment paid off. After all, they got more so shouldn't they be able to do more with it? We can understand that the servant who received just one talent might not want to risk that single talent on an all or nothing deal or instead feels that the talent in his possession is only valuable to him.

The message that Jesus is trying to provide is not that we should be able to double our assets with what he gives us. Instead, it is that we should be proactive and USE the talents we are given. When we don't use these talents, we are not honoring God. While we all can connect with this message in different ways, I immediately reflect on talents I have "wasted". As a former runner, I use to love the movie "Chariots of Fire" and can remember the scene where Eric Liddell recognizes that God has given him multiple talents.

Like it or not, we are human. While God gives us talents, He does not provide us all with the same level of talents. Upon reflection, I can see where I decided to be selfish and not embrace God's gift because it seemed others were more blessed with the same "gift." What I did not realize when I was younger was how the level of the gift I was given still had the ability to provide me and loved ones with great joy!

The launch of OneGod.info is a way through which I can use a different talent God has gifted me. The best part is that I can choose now to embrace this opportunity and share these talents to spread God's Love with others. Sharing our gifts is a way to show God we are thankful for what He has given. We will fail at times to embrace opportunities to share our gifts, but we have a chance right now to decide that we will do the best we can to embrace the talents we still have and share them in His Honor.

When you read Matthew 25: 14-30, think about your talents and how you can share them with others to help honor God and His love!

Chris Vaughan

Over the last decade, I have come to realize the power of God's Love and created OneGod.info as a way to help share God's Love with others. I believe that many of you reading this are just like me ... Christian but passive. There is only one thing that is guaranteed in this life and that is God's Grace and willingness to sacrifice His Son so that we could join Him in Heaven. It does not matter what nationality, gender, or political party to which someone belongs. Our citizenship is in Heaven and our passport to return is simply to Love God, Praise Jesus, and Spread His Word!