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God's Love Matters

Providing an Open Door

Starting with a Celebration!

When trying to figure out when to start the mission of OneGod.info, it only made sense to launch it on October 31, 2017. While many hear October 31 and instantly think, "Halloween ... Candy," this date actually has a lot of significance to a large number of Christians. 500 years ago, Martin Luther posted what is now simply know as the 95 Thesis to the door at Wittenberg. It was Martin Luther who, prior to this date and after it, challenged the Catholic Church on the simple belief that we are saved through God's Love and Grace.

Everyone is encouraged to watch the 30 minute video on Martin Luther and the 95 Thesis below as it really will open your eyes to what was actually going on at the time he did this. It paints a much better picture about how the Protestant Reformation began and the role Luther played in it. For those of you short on time, a quick summary is that Martin Luther did not post just 95 thesis in an effort to start a reformation. He had actually posted 97 thesis the month before and the goal of his thesis were most like to allow for a public debate. Most likely, he also did not realize that the two most powerful people in the church were behind the increased selling of indulgences. His thesis did challenge the Church, however, and he did set out to inform people that it was through God’s Grace they would be saved and not because they purchased indulgences for themselves and loved ones who had already passed away.

Just like Martin Luther five centuries ago, we are not setting out to start a reformation. Instead, we want to use the power of the internet, the new public forum, to remind people that God’s Love Matters and it is through His Grace that we are saved.

Chris Vaughan

Over the last decade, I have come to realize the power of God's Love and created OneGod.info as a way to help share God's Love with others. I believe that many of you reading this are just like me ... Christian but passive. There is only one thing that is guaranteed in this life and that is God's Grace and willingness to sacrifice His Son so that we could join Him in Heaven. It does not matter what nationality, gender, or political party to which someone belongs. Our citizenship is in Heaven and our passport to return is simply to Love God, Praise Jesus, and Spread His Word!